My last semester.

I started my last-first day of school (possibly forever) today on none other than no sleep the night before and the oh so wonderful anxiety of asking myself, "what in the world am I gonna do once I graduate with a fine arts degree?"

My first class was none other than senior seminar, which is basically a transition class from school to the real world for artists, and we get the pleasure of taking on our own exhibition as our final mark on the school.

Of course I explained my complex project to my professor only to find myself hearing the same thing I've heard my entire life, "that's an ambitious project to take on for the next 12 weeks". It's a blessing and a curse I swear. Regardless, here's to hoping my ambition proves to be something that helps me execute a beautiful senior show, and that I can guarantee myself a job in this field for the rest of my life.

Bring it on universe!